As many of you know, sustainability is very important to me. I've done a lot of research to narrow down the most sustainable suppliers out there when it comes to shipping and packaging my photo products, and the one I have selected has proven to be a leader in their green business practices. 

However, there is always room for improvement. While they do a significantly better job of minimizing packaging waste than their competitors, I invite you to join me in applying a bit of pressure to make their sustainability prioritization not just good, but GREAT. 

Please join me in emailing their support team, and voicing your opinion on this important issue. You can reach them at: (Customer Service Manager) as well as the standard support line, 

I'm currently under a year-by-year subscription plan, so the amplitude of their improvements will decide whether I continue giving them my business in the future. Let's make a push together, to truly encourage the e-commerce industry to innovate their sustainability efforts! 

At some point, I plan on putting together a formal petition to push the ENTIRE E-Commerce industry toward more sustainable packaging. To receive the launch announcement, please SUBSCRIBE to my email list, located in the footer of my main site, BENWEHRMAN.COM

That's all for now, friends! Thank you for reading. 



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